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I love to travel and visit different historic sites. So far I have been to Portugal (my Photos of Lisbon) and the Azores (my homeland), Spain, France, Italy, Japan, China, Hong-Kong, Macau, Taiwan, (my China photos) - Switzerland (more of my Photos), -Moscow Russia (Photos of Moscow) Astrakhan, and Mexico.
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AÇORES (Azores)

I come from the Island of Pico in the 
(Azores Site)

Location Mid-Atlantic Ridge
The island of PICO (so called because it is a 7,713 feet high 
 2,351 meters high, pico = peak in English)
NASA_Pico2a.jpg (79907 bytes) NASA_Pico.jpg (43789 bytes)
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pico_airplane_wing17.jpg (29362 bytes)
Arriving home, from the plane you can see how tiny the island is (not the small island on the left but the one in center with clouds over it)
Mr_Horta_ship10.jpg (43955 bytes)
the city of Hortahorta_Espalamaca.jpg (35129 bytes)
The city of Horta on Faial behind memountain_bird_eye22.jpg (29854 bytes)
Yes it is an active volcano. 
pico_bird_eye23.jpg (30282 bytes)
You can see the snow on the peak.
pico_mountain_plane21.jpg (18667 bytes) 
Pico is the tallest Mountain in all of Portugal and one of the tallest in Europe. Over 7000' high
pico015.jpg (18466 bytes)
A view from the water, Madalena lillage on the left side
mountain037.jpg (35803 bytes)
A view from half way up the mountain
water.gif (70780 bytes)
Village of Madalena, a closer view from the water showing the church I used to attend as a kid
pico23.jpg (19147 bytes)
the village of Madalena on Pico where I grew up
Mr_mountain38.jpg (38933 bytes)
Me halfway up the mountain
Vr_Lagoa39.jpg (65272 bytes)
My brother Vital by the lagoon
Mr_1460_Cross042.jpg (65818 bytes)
Me by the monument commemorating 500 years since the first chapel was built in 1460 by the Order of Christ
1460_chapel43.jpg (54252 bytes)

The interior of the chapel the old knights, settlers and navigators used to pray in built in 1460

D_Dinis66.jpg (53457 bytes)
A monument to King Dinis originator of the Order of Christ in the early 1300. When the Templar Knights were outlawed and put to death by order of the pope in Europe this king got permission to change the pious knights in his lands to the new "Order of Christ"

D_Dinis67.jpg (45641 bytes)
The inscription says "To D. Diniz Protector of the Navigation"

chalk_oven075.jpg (74608 bytes)
The main raw material was rock, lava rock, and the settlers built everything they could with it. This is an old oven used to boil chalk for covering the homes in white

friar_gate35.jpg (84568 bytes)
An old friars monastery gate. showing intricate stone work look at the shell at the top

windmill054.jpg (37029 bytes)
Windmills were the main way we got flour from our corn. the island used to be full of them

windmill72.jpg (42684 bytes)
These windmill were originally built by order of the king given to the rich

Mr_windmill55.jpg (40744 bytes)
Today they are abandoned and in disrepair

Mr_windmill059.jpg (51437 bytes)
As a youngster I used to bring sacks of corn to these mills and wait for the slow churning of the mills stones to turn it into flour

pico.gif (39105 bytes)
The mill owner kept a part of the flour as a charge for milling

Mr_MRosario.jpg (60283 bytes)
Me with y cousin Manuel at his home.

Mr_Barca47.jpg (56803 bytes)
Me at my cousins porch over looking the ocean and the island of Faial in the background

pico024.jpg (84321 bytes)
From my dad's place you get a pretty good view

Granpa_house26.jpg (74376 bytes)
From my granddad's place you used to get a good view until this guy built the new house in front

gate34.jpg (93079 bytes)
There are thousands of miles of stone walls all over this island these walls are carefully placed rocks on top of each other with no cement and some walls have stood for over 500 years surviving earth quakes and eruptions

doorway13.jpg (62810 bytes)
there are many old world details in the homes

Vr_Fr_Mr.jpg (30079 bytes)
My brother Vital, my dad and me

 Uncle_joe029.jpg (54870 bytes)
This is my uncle Joe getting his equipment ready to go spray the vineyards

stone_gate031.jpg (73847 bytes)
An old house made of stone no cement and still standing after hundreds of years

Mr_hill051.jpg (46517 bytes)
Me on top of a hill over looking the Atlantic and the island of Faial to the left

Luis_hill50.jpg (54556 bytes)
My cousin Luis on top of the same hill looking landwards

 old_home32.jpg (72318 bytes)
An old abandoned home

Pico_33.jpg (29450 bytes)
The view  from half-way up the mountain looking down to the ocean

quinas_C_o_a65.jpg (48967 bytes)
royal coat of arms of Portugal

Order_Cross_madalena046.jpg (70431 bytes)
The cross of the Order of Christ in front of my church

pico021.jpg (28560 bytes)
Arriving in Pico by boat from Faial takes 15 minutes

 pico20.jpg (28324 bytes)
What's left of an ancient volcano that exploded before Pico was born

sunset.gif (43520 bytes)
Madalena, Pico, a morning view with the church in silhouette

faial_to_pico_ship.jpg (40795 bytes)
the view from my uncles house in Faial looking back at Pico

S_Miguel04.jpg (34234 bytes)
the city of Horta

horta08.jpg (22901 bytes)
Leaving the city of Horta by ferry.
The island of Faial and the city of Horta

 zeca05.jpg (59042 bytes)
My cousin Zeca greets me as I arrive on Horta

horta006.jpg (31916 bytes) 
the city of Horta was a first stop for trans Atlantic flights to refuel and continue on to Europe

avenida14.jpg (57223 bytes)
the city of Horta

faial_fort11.jpg (58026 bytes) 
the city of Horta

faial_ship7.jpg (24532 bytes)
Cruise ship in the channel
sao_miguel29.jpg (25685 bytes)
The island of Sao Miguel

zeca_Manuel_ship9.jpg (49301 bytes)
Me with my cousin Zeca on the island across the way. This is the view from his dad's house. see the Island of Pico in the background and the cruise ship between our heads

faial_to_Pico.jpg (54870 bytes)
Pico  from my uncles back porch on the city of Horta

faial_to_pico6.jpg (28109 bytes)
Pico seen across the channel from the city of Horta

faial_03.jpg (20488 bytes)
The island of Sao Miguel
The city Ponta Delgada


 sete_cidades28.jpg (53335 bytes)
The island of Sao Miguel

sao_miguel_ship30.jpg (22662 bytes)
The island of Sao Miguel

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