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I love to travel and visit different historic sites. So far I have been to Portugal (my Photos of Lisbon) and the Azores (my homeland), Spain, France, Italy, Japan, China, Hong-Kong, Macau, Taiwan, (my China photos)- Switzerland (more of my Photos), -Moscow Russia (Photos of Moscow),  and Mexico.
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Lisboa (Lisbon) 
Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, in the 1400s and 1500s it was the center of exploration of the world lead by Prince Henry the navigator who was Grand Master of the Order of Christ (Ordem de Cristo) whose red and white cross adorned the the sails of the caravels of the crusaders under his command.

This fanaticism led to the cross of the Order being put on everything from that period from buildings to sidewalks to murals and stained glass windows. This religious zeal started by previous kings and completely subscribed to by prince Henry led to the exploring crusaders discovering half the world in order to convert the infidel. The navigators of the Order of Christ's unrelenting explorations led to them finding the first sea route to India around Africa by Vasco Da Gama, to Columbus (who went by the name Colom his wife was the daughter of an Order Of Christ Knight making it very probable that he was as well) discovering the false India (America), to Pedro Alvares Cabral rediscovering Brazil and to
Magalh„es (Magellan) circling the globe. All firsts by the Portuguese Navigators and members of the Order.
In some of these images you can see these crosses and the religious connection of the kingdom at that time that
Christopher Columbus lived in Portugal

Click the photos to see a big version

Mr_castle111.jpg (27510 bytes)
Ok I have arrived relaxing in my hotel the lighted structure above my head is the castle of St. George in lisbon

Lisbon_gov_square00.jpg (38859 bytes)
One of the many squares in Lisbon this one is just across the river Tagus north of the Belem Tower

lisbon_old_cathedral101.jpg (47463 bytes)
An old cathedral whose roof is gone but the arches which supported it still stand
Lisbon_Rossio102.jpg (84758 bytes)
A building downtown showing old world lettering
lisbon_sphere99.jpg (56763 bytes)
A tower with the Armillary Sphere on top
discovery_83.jpg (49927 bytes)
The monument tot he discoveries the center is a huge sword with the handle in the style of the cross from the order of Avis. Avis was one of the royal houses of Portugal
discovery_west_side89.jpg (49359 bytes)

The monument seen from the west side all the statues represent important royalty, knights and clergy of the time. To get a feel for how big this is see the people sitting at the bottom right.

discovery_east-side96.jpg (32721 bytes)

The monument seen from the east side. the leading figure is Prince Henry the Navigator

discovery_West_side88.jpg (51485 bytes)
Prince Henry (Infante Dom Anrique) used to initial his documents with IDA which aside from being his initials also means voyage

henry_navigator95.jpg (29636 bytes)
Closer look at Henry the navigator. Though he was dubbed the navigator after his death he never actually sailed a ship. He simply planned and financed the expeditions.
discovery_Knights92.jpg (49289 bytes)
Year after year ships would leave from this area on the tagus river and make their way into the Atlantic and the lucky ones would return months later with news of what they had found.
discovery_padrao98.jpg (39071 bytes)
In the name of God and expansionism the Order of Christ crusaders would originally erect a large wooden cross on the lands they claimed along the coast of Africa. Later on a stone monument was carried along in the ship which you can see the 2 center figures erecting. It had the royal coat of arms and the capped by the cross. 
discovery_king91.jpg (69017 bytes)
The Order was very religious as you can see by the figure on the left here "the King" kneeling in prayer.


Mr_belem75.jpg (37985 bytes)
The tower of Belem (Bethlehem) originally was far from land now some areas have been filled in and you can walk right to it at low tide.
belem72.jpg (46874 bytes)

All the shiled around this tower are decorated with the cross of the order. This is the site near where Columbus anchored on his return trip form the west after his first voyage before departing for Castile 2 weeks later.

belem_79.jpg (63453 bytes)

Pretty impressive fort close up

belem_80.jpg (58904 bytes)

Notice the globe and cross below the lower window and the 2 crosses on the upper window

belem_81.jpg (46231 bytes)
Better detail of the crosses on the window
cross_Belem_77.jpg (43252 bytes)
One of the shields showing the cross.

pool_c_o_arms66.jpg (24576 bytes)
Heraldry was of course very important then and here you can see a huge round structure with the most important people of the time. This is positioned inland from the tower of Belem.

coat_o_a_jeronimos64.jpg (54647 bytes)

This structure is in front of the Jeronimos cathedral another huge Order of Christ tribute which you can see in the background.

jeronimos_center36.jpg (49424 bytes)
Jeronimos this is a huge structure with many statues, carvings and the cross of the order everywhere.

jeronimos_left34.jpg (38944 bytes)
A look at the left side towers. At the very top of the wall where the roof meets there is a band of crosses (which can barely be seen on these images) all around the building.

jeronimos_bell_tower39.jpg (62747 bytes)
The bell tower with the cross on the right side of the bell

jeronimos_doorway38.jpg (68746 bytes)
The main entrance is decorated with numerous statues starting with the 12 apostles around the bottom following up with many other religious and royal figures crowned with a cross on the highest steeple.

jeronimos_upleft35.jpg (58159 bytes)
A closer look at the left towers.

infante_anrique48.jpg (29880 bytes)
One of the statues is shown holding a caravel in his hand. This may be Prince Henry the Navigator

 dom_manuel_c_o_arms47.jpg (72484 bytes)
The king kneeling in prayer on a pedestal with his coat of arms held by an angel below

jeronimos_main_door51.jpg (70471 bytes)

A closer look at the main entrance and all the statues that adorn it.

jeronimos_doorway46.jpg (87386 bytes)

The baby Jesus. the nativity scene seems to be held up by 2 angels holding the royal coat of arms

 Mr_hotel119.jpg (40633 bytes)

Me tired and ready to head home on my last night at the hotel

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