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I love to travel and visit different historic sites. So far I have been to Portugal (my Photos of Lisbon) and the Azores (my homeland), Spain, France, Italy, Japan, China, Hong-Kong, Macau, Taiwan, (my China photos)- Switzerland (more of my Photos), - Moscow Russia (Photos of Moscow),  and Mexico.
(Where to next? Australia?)

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zurich_airport019.jpg (40085 bytes)
Zurich Airport
Nice quaint setting

zurich09.jpg (29558 bytes)
Zurich Countryside from the Train

zurich08.jpg (49199 bytes)

zurich_tower10.jpg (45582 bytes)
Zurich Lands Museum

zurich_C-O_A_tower013.jpg (53672 bytes)
Zurich Landesmuseum
This is a huge tower you can see the life size statues on the next image

zurich_C_O_A011a.jpg (53563 bytes)
Zurich Landesmuseum
life size statues on the tower

manuel_zurich17.jpg (56248 bytes)
Me at the Zurich Landesmuseum
outside exhibit.
(No I am not on exhibit, I mean the Exhibit is outside) Notice the 2 large murals on the left side of the building

zurich_museum016.jpg (89012 bytes)

Manuel_zurich_museum016.jpg (39327 bytes)
Closer still

zurich_king_mural015a.jpg (49093 bytes)

zurich_Mural014.jpg (105991 bytes)
and there

zurich_king015.jpg (96102 bytes)
real close, I adore this period of history and chivalry.
"Knights and mares
and maidens fair"

zurich_canon_balls18a.jpg (93579 bytes)
Old stone cannon balls

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