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I love to travel and visit different historic sites. So far I have been to Portugal (my Photos of Lisbon) and the Azores (my homeland), Spain, France, Italy, Japan, China, Hong-Kong, Macau, Taiwan, (my China photos) - Switzerland (more of my Photos), - Moscow Russia (Photos of Moscow),  and Mexico.
(Where to next? Australia?)

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Moscow_hotel_drive23.jpg (584411 bytes)
Driveway to the Aerostar Hotel
(it is back there somewhere)

Mr_Chaikovsky22.jpg (829519 bytes)
Me with Tchaikovsky

entrance_basil_07.jpg (69952 bytes)
One of the entrances to Red Square. See the doorway below the left steeple? Next image shows St. Basil's Cathedral in the background 

entrance_basil07a.jpg (55757 bytes)

St. Basil's Cathedral in the background 


 kremlin_08.jpg (51414 bytes)
This is the backside of the Kremlin opposite side of Red Square

 st_basil04.jpg (55142 bytes)
The Pokhrovsky Cathedral 
Commonly called:
St. Basil's Cathedral

Mr_st_basil04.jpg (56401 bytes)
Statue in front of St. Basil

(Not me the 2 green guys above my head)

Mr_red_square26.jpg (38996 bytes)
This place is Huge. I think there's a whole city inside those walls.

Mr_Lost_red_square28.jpg (84414 bytes)
Army unit marching before victory day celebrations. "Hey you guys need a captain?"

Mr_Army29a.jpg (43765 bytes)

Ok. I'll just wait here until you decide you need a Captain.

Mr_red_Lenin26a.jpg (40232 bytes)
They say Lenin is buried in this brownish looking structure. Putin is alive and well in the yellow building you see behind the red Kremlin wall.

fountain_06.jpg (97481 bytes)
Nice gardens and fountains outside the Kremlin's red wall which you can see behind the trees.

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